Group Exhibition:EXPO CHICAGO
9/17/2015 - 9/20/2015

Rhona Hoffman Gallery is pleased to participate in EXPO Chicago 2015. One section of the booth is devoted to artists who use architectural language in their practice. Judy Ledgerwood will create a site-specific wall painting on one wall of the booth similar to her recent installations at Chicago's Graham Foundation, the Smart Museum in Chicago, and the American Embassy in Laos. Derrick Adamsí large scale collages combine figural, architectural and design elements to explore manís relationship to built space. Julia Fish, an artist based in Chicago, has for many years explored the architecture of her own home creating paintings and drawings that directly relate to its architectural features. Richard Rezac, also based in Chicago, is a sculptor whose drawings and sculptures abstract architectural details. Gordon Matta-Clark's Cibachrome works from his 1978 MCA-Chicago building cut project "Circus" will provide a historical viewpoint of artists working with architecture, made more special by his connection to Chicago. Further reinforcing the underlying theme of artwork that intends to define or delineate a place, Fred Sandback's yarn sculptures transform space by visually piercing and dividing interiors with minimal means. In the booth, Sandback's work will be represented by drawings that show the artist's concordant practices as draftsman and architect. Together the drawings, sculpture, and paintings will honor both the lineage of architecture's inspiration on visual art and the rich architectonic landscape of Chicago.

Other artists to be represented in Rhona Hoffman Gallery's booth at Expo Chicago are Vito Acconci, Todd Chilton, Spencer Finch, Susan Hefuna, Sol LeWitt, Michael Rakowitz, and David Schutter.

In addition, Rhona Hoffman Gallery is excited to partner with EXPO IN/SITU to exhibit large-scale work by artist Anne Wilson - Portable City.

Expo Chicago
September 17 - 20, 2015
Booth 311
The Armory Show
Mr. President... Mr. President...
Signs and Systems
Art Basel Miami Beach 2018: Booth F27
The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist (Room Z, Northwest Palace of Nimrud)


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