Jenny Holzer:Jenny Holzer: Blue
4/16/1999 - 5/29/1999

Rhona Hoffman Gallery is pleased to present “Blue” an installation by internationally renowned artist Jenny Holzer.

The artist gained significant attention in the late 1970’s for her ironic and critical texts printed on such pedestrian materials as paper, poster board, stickers and T-shirts that anonymously appeared throughout lower Manhattan, New York.

Holzer’s textual portraits of American culture have evolved from an urgent taxonomy at street level, to a sophisticated understanding and presentation of layered socio-political circumstances. Incorporating institutionally sanctioned materials such as bronze and marble, Holzer’s project continues as a reflection on America’s cultural landscape. The majority of American citizens witness fortune and prosperity, abuse and neglect, celebration and triumph. Responding to these far reaching circumstances, Holzer's texts re-present the broadest possible cross section of American life.

For her presentation in Chicago, Holzer will install four, 98 inch tall LED signs projecting texts from her Blue, Arno, Erlauf and Lustmord series’. As well, a pair of sandstone benches with chiseled texts from the Erlauf series will also be on display.
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