Wes Mills:Drawings
7/23/1999 - 9/3/1999

Wes Mills makes exquisite minimal drawings. Executed in a small-scale format, his works present the illusion of simple tonal grounds. Upon closer inspection these works reveal a process of painstakingly subtle rendering; layering dense blankets of light graphite. The result of this process is a compelling body of atmospheric works that quietly reveal a connection to nature and spirituality.

References to the abstract fields of Agnes Martin, the linear markings of Cy Twombly and the stormy skies of James McNiel Whistler arenít uncommon when viewing the works of Mills. In fact, a history of mark making is excavated, embraced and expanded upon in his working methodology.

Conceptually Millsí drawings take on the chaos and control of the human psyche. Just as the artist allows his process the flexibility of embracing spirituality, his ideological groundwork allows him references in the realm of human emotions and natural environments.
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