Lina Bertucci:Lina Bertucci: Recent Photographic Works
9/13/2002 - 10/19/2002

RHONA HOFFMAN GALLERY is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Lina Bertucci.

Lina Bertucci began her artistic career in the late seventies when working as a brakeman on the Milwaukee Railroad. A series of black and white photographs portray the grit, the banality, and sometimes the danger women had to face while working on the railroad. Stanford University Press published Railroad Voices in 1998. While this early investigation focused on American myth and the subculture of the railroad, Bertucci now carries her research into the mythology of the landscape, the figure and the American sublime.

In her new body of work Bertucci uses the landscape as a reflection of a mental state, an externalization of the mind. While all of the images are of actual infinite desert-like spaces shot in remote locations in the United States, none of the elements belong to the same reality. Each image is a compression of disparate realities found in time and memory. With subtle manipulations and interventions of figures and landscapes, Bertucci furthers the conceptual link with land artists of the 1970's, such as Robert Smithson, and the radical transcendental concepts of Henry David Thoreau- politically proposing the sublime as both subversive and transcendent.

Bertucci's artistic practice embraces the long salient relationship of American painting, literature and film with the landscape and the sublime. Her work focuses on the shifting boundaries between the external and internal, the social and the spiritual. Bertucci’s work follows the trajectory of American painters such as Fredrick Edwin Church and Mark Rothko as well as the film-maker John Ford. They all deal with the vastness of the American landscape as an intersection with the visionary, the surface and psyche, and the frontier with the passage of time.
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