Adam Pendleton:Adam Pendleton: Rendered in Black and Rendered
10/19/2007 - 11/24/2007

Rhona Hoffman Gallery is pleased to present the second solo exhibition by New York based artist Adam Pendleton titled Rendered in Black and Rendered.

Adam Pendleton, an artist, writer and performer approaches his projects as multi-disciplinary hybrids. Through extreme freedom of reference and quotation, as well as a rejection of conventional hierarchies among sources, Pendleton aims to create a perpetual de-historicized present tense, one that upsets and unbalances comfortably subjective interpretations of history and culture. Noted for his use of text and imagery, Pendleton will present new work from his Rendered in Black, Events Are and Reading series.

Reading presents the viewer with text-fragments from sources as varied as Jean- Luc Godard, Malcolm X and Liam Gillick. The words are applied according to formal procedures that determine content and spatial arrangement. Pendleton’s practice draws inspiration from the Language Poets of the seventies whose trajectory from Gertrude Stein through the Beat and New York Schools to Charles Bernstein, Bruce Andrews as well as from a parallel school of conceptual artists.

In the middle gallery Pendleton will present a sculptural installation composed of ten-inch, ceramic black cubes. Through their aesthetic presentation the cubes invoke and play sleight of hand with minimalist and performance art practices. Sculpting the original prototype for the cubes himself, he adopted the persona of a disregarded and sidelined 1960’s African-American ‘Minimalist’. The resulting shape is cube-like, but the rounded sides and corners deliberately shirk off linearity and geometric definition.

Events Are is made up of an expanding selection of images that are silk-screened and presented as small ‘paintings’ with white backgrounds and black detailing. The title of the series references a quote by the American poet, Leslie Scalapino, “Events in memory occur at the same time, are the same time.” Though the images have disparate sources, the visual uniformity of their presentation proposes an intricate web of mutuality and invites relations through content.

In the large gallery are new large-scale paintings conceptually similar to Events Are. The paintings locate the viewer between seeing and not seeing, darkness and absence.
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