Jacob Hashimoto (b. 1973 Greeley, CO) is a New-York based artist who creates space-altering installations and self-contained wall pieces. Hashimoto’s work plays with the viewer’s surrounding environments through the use of multiple layers and complex geometry. Composed and constructed along a linear grid, his artworks explore the idea of viewing nature as a digital and analogue landscape and invite the viewer to analyze the elements that define our natural environment. Recent exhibitions include MACRO- Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma, Italy; Nevada Art Museum, Reno, NV; Studio la Citta, Verona, Italy; Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, TX; San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA; and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

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11/18/2005 - 12/23/2005
Jacob Hashimoto: skip skitter start trip vault bounce - and other attempts at flight
9/7/2007 - 10/13/2007
Jacob Hashimoto: Plumes and the Landscape Omnibus
9/14/2012 - 10/20/2012
super-elastic collisions (origins, and distant derivations)
10/30/2015 - 12/19/2015
In the Cosmic Fugue
10/27/2017 - 12/9/2017
The Dark Isn’t The Thing To Worry About

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