Chris Garofalo's sculptures blur the distinction between land, sea and air, plant and animal kingdoms by examining the state between the waving arms of a sea anemone and unfurling the tendril of a fern. Her sculptures are inspired by life forms never known and by those which may evolve. Neither representational nor specifically recognizable, this work explores the unpredictable, the unrepeatable, and the accidental potential of life forms. Garofalo earned a BFA from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame and has been living in Chicago since 1980. Exhibitions include, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago IL; Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago IL; Three Rivers Art Festival, Pittsburgh PA; Fondazione Mazzulllo, Taormina Sicily, Italy; Eastwick Art Gallery, Chicago IL.
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1/6/2006 - 2/4/2006
Chris Garofalo: Speculative Zoogeny
11/30/2007 - 1/19/2008
Chris Garofalo: zoophyta
5/21/2010 - 7/16/2010
aquibotanous zoolatry
2/2/2013 - 3/9/2013
Zoophytosphere Vivaria
3/13/2015 - 4/18/2015
Edaphology of a Superterrestial Panmictic Population
12/15/2017 - 2/17/2018
PRECIOUS FRAGMENTS exquisite longing

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